Using AI to Empower the Next Generation of Workers

High Attrition in a Large Geographically Distributed Workforce

Employers that have a large geographically distributed workforce are unable to engage and support their workers at scale. This leads to high attrition, poor sentiment and low performance.

We are setting out to fix this.

1 billion

Number of distributed workers in Ride-Sharing, Delivery/Logistics, Retail and Hospitality globally.


Minimum annual attrition at companies that have a large geographically distributed workforce.

AI-Driven Virtual Assistant

Workers chat with Laxmi, our AI-driven virtual assistant, on existing messaging apps such as WhatsApp. Since messaging apps are in the top 3 apps in Asia and most people already use them (e.g. 96% of smartphone users are on WhatsApp in India), Laxmi guarantees high adoption and engagement.

Laxmi helps employers engage with their workers for the purpose of delivering important communications, surveys, training and support. And because Laxmi reaches workers where they already spend time, she helps employers create a more personal connection with their workers.

Real-Time Reporting

A web-based dashboard allows employers to track usage data that can be used for business intelligence.

Custom alerting can be set up based on predefined events. For instance, when an employee requests for information on the medical reimbursement policy, HR can be alerted and can check in with the employee.

Complete Customizability

Laxmi is completely customizable to align to employers' training, support and reporting needs.


Vahan has been successfully adopted by organizations in Ride-Sharing, e-Commerce, Financial Services, Retail and Hospitality in India and abroad.

Dramatic Increase in Customer Satisfaction


Improvement in Customer Satisfaction ratings achieved at Flipkart through personalized training for delivery executives.

“Field jobs are very difficult therefore I find the help on Laxmi very useful!”

— Prasad Naik, Delivery Executive, Flipkart

Delivery executives are sent on the field after 1-2 days of training. Since most have poor educational backgrounds and low experience, they don't have knowledge of best practices and tend to get overwhelmed quickly, especially in difficult situations involving customers.

Excellent Net Promoter Score


Of Uber Driver Partners would recommend Laxmi to their friends.

“After using Laxmi, I am able to give the best service to my riders!”

— Anil Kumar, Driver Partner, Uber

Ride-sharing companies lose more than 80% of their drivers in a year. In developing countries, drivers are thrown into the deep end without being given any understanding of good customer service.

High Engagement


Of users actively use Laxmi every week.


Madhav Krishna

Madhav Krishna

Co-Founder & CEO

Self-confessed geek with a passion for helping others.

Mohammed Abdoolcarim

Mo Abdoolcarim

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Product manager who helped introduce Siri to the world.

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar

Machine Learning Engineer

Born and raised in Bengaluru and on the Web. Writes amazing software both big and small.

Deepti Chopra

Deepti Chopra

Product Engineer

Breaks things faster than can make.

Shubhadit Sharma

Shubhadit Sharma

Lead Software Engineer

Entrepreneurial engineer who builds teams as fast as he writes codes.

Neela Sarvotham

Neela Sarvotham

Head of Content

Experienced instructional designer who creates compelling content out of thin air.

Gokul Rajaram

Gokul Rajaram


Six-Sigma product guy who is populary known as the 'Godfather of AdSense'.

Sanjeev Agarwal

Sanjeev Agarwal


Serial entrepreneur and former Head of Product Marketing at Google.

Mekin Maheshwari

Mekin Maheshwari


People person in every sense and former Chief People Officer at Flipkart.

Vir Kashyap

Vir Kashyap


Emerging market internet entrepreneur and co-founder of

Suren Dutia

Desmond Lim


Entrepreneur and former Product Manager at WeChat.

Varun Jain

Varun Jain


Solver of BIG problems and former Lead Product Manager at Myntra.


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