Using AI to Empower the Next Generation of Workers




Classroom-Based Training Doesn't Scale

Laxmi, our AI-Driven Virtual Teacher within WhatsApp, is a mobile phone based service designed to vastly expand upon the traditional learning environment — the brick-and-mortar classroom. Classrooms are too expensive to operate and are unable to offer meaningful practice to students once they are outside the class.

We are setting out to fix this.

Laxmi consistently offers high-quality training to job applicants and workers, wherever they may be. It is a low-cost and easily accessible service for people with feature and smartphones, and it works in conjunction with training programs. Our technology helps programs scale more efficiently while maximizing learning outcomes.

500 Million

Size of the Indian workforce - the 2nd largest in the world


of all new entrants to the workforce in India are unemployable due to poor English and cognitive skills

AI-Driven Virtual Teacher

Learners chat with Laxmi, our AI-driven virtual teacher, on WhatsApp. Non-smartphone owners simply call a phone number to initiate a session.

Real-Time Progress Tracking

A web-based Learning Management System allows programs to track users' scores and progress in real-time, review responses and send feedback.

Complete Content Customizability

The content delivered via Laxmi is completely customized to align to the curriculum of the classroom training program.


Vahan has been successfully adopted by organizations in Ride-Sharing, e-Commerce, Financial Services, Retail and Hospitality in India and abroad.

Exceptional Learning Outcomes


higher effectiveness for Laxmi users over classroom-only students

“I really like that Laxmi corrects me and gives me feedback.”

— Aslam, Student

People are usually mocked for speaking incorrect English, which causes a lot of grief and self-confidence issues. These students really appreciate the friendly feedback from Laxmi.

Dramatic Cost Savings


reduction in training costs over classroom-based programs

“I love practicing answering questions about myself; nobody asks at home, and I don’t go out much.”

— Santoshi, Student

In developing countries, girls are not allowed to go out much and don’t get an opportunity to practice.

High Engagement


of users actively use Laxmi every week; delivering exercises in WhatsApp maximises engagement


Madhav Krishna

Madhav Krishna

Co-Founder & CEO

Self-confessed geek with a passion for helping others.

Mohammed Abdoolcarim

Mo Abdoolcarim

Co-Founder & Head of Product

Product manager who helped introduce Siri to the world.

Ravi Kumar

Ravi Kumar

Machine Learning Engineer

Born and raised in Bengaluru and on the Web. Writes amazing software both big and small.

Deepti Chopra

Deepti Chopra

Product Engineer

Breaks things faster than can make.

Shubhadit Sharma

Shubhadit Sharma

Lead Software Engineer

Entrepreneurial engineer who builds teams as fast as he writes codes.

Neela Sarvotham

Neela Sarvotham

Head of Content

Experienced instructional designer who creates compelling content out of thin air.

Gokul Rajaram

Gokul Rajaram


Six-Sigma product guy who is populary known as the 'Godfather of AdSense'.

Sanjeev Agarwal

Sanjeev Agarwal


Serial entrepreneur and former Head of Product Marketing at Google.

Mekin Maheshwari

Mekin Maheshwari


People person in every sense and former Chief People Officer at Flipkart.

Vir Kashyap

Vir Kashyap


Emerging market internet entrepreneur and co-founder of

Suren Dutia

Desmond Lim


Entrepreneur and former Product Manager at WeChat.

Varun Jain

Varun Jain


Solver of BIG problems and former Lead Product Manager at Myntra.



Vahan offers comprehensive English courses for both students & working professionals. The courses are offered as bite-sized exercises on Whatsapp in a self-paced learning model.

You'll learn everything from basic grammar and punctuation, to actually conversing with someone.

All you need to do is make a one-time payment of ₹ 49 only and start your course today by simply messaging +91-7550631692 on Whatsapp.

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