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Ameen, Zepto

30 Years Old

"I decided to join Zepto part-time through Vahan Delivery Jobs after my father fell ill in order to take care of the additional medical bills. Everyday after my usual work, I take orders and am able to earn over and above my job salary. I am slightly relaxed now knowing I have income coming from somewhere else also."

Sairam, Uber

34 Years Old

"Last week I desperately needed money to buy gas cylinder and I was able to Cashout money I had already earned form the Vahan Delivery Jobs App. I didn't have to ask my friends or relatives, it was a big relief."

Prasad, Zomato

27 Years Old

"I recently went to the bank and they had asked me for payslips. I called Vahan Delivery Jobs to ask them and they said it’s readily available on the App itself. It felt good to submit documents about my job, it feels like I am also a professional delivery worker."


20 Years Old

"My friends were calling me every other day to go for movies and bike trips but I did not want to trouble my father for money. So I joined Vahan and they put me on to Uber Moto, now I am now able to manage my expense and help customers with my own bike."


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"I came across a delivery partner and he showed me Vahan Delivery Jobs. I asked him if women could also do this and he said yes, women can also do this work. He introduced me to Vahan Delivery Jobs and through Vahan's help I easily got work with Zomato."

From Asha, a job-seeker in BANGALORE

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