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We're using technology to bring jobs, financial services and upskilling opportunities for the next billion internet users.

Helping people gain control of their economic destiny

We were founded to help people
get access to opportunities
regardless of their circumstance.

We're disrupting the ovarian lottery,
And you could be part of it.

What Defines Vahan?

These core values are our central to our team, operating style, and beliefs:


User Obsession

True value is unlocked when we begin with the user's needs.



Caring deeply for others.

Being a Team Player

Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.



Nothing is someone else's problem.


Discomfort & Continuous Learning

Growth only happens outside one's comfort zone.



Impatience for actions but patience for results.


Integrity & Honesty

Do the right thing. Period.


Thinking Big

The scale of our ambitions should make us uncomfortable.

Our Supporters

investors with
talent and

Vahan was founded in 2016 and has since grown
through the backing of world-class investors
and talented people from the industry.

Vahan on Crunchbase

Fresh round of funding with participation from top-tier Silicon Valley VC firms Khosla Ventures and Founders Fund

Experienced Executives

We're proud to have the support of 3 Google executives: Gokul Rajaram (built AdSense), Minal Mehta (Head of Product at YouTube) and Sanjeev Agarwal (Former Head of Product Marketing)

Indian Marquee Angels

We've also got Mekin Maheshwari (Former Head of Engineering at Flipkart) and Vir Kashyap (Co-Founder at Babajob) on board

A great place to learn,
grow, and create impact.

We execute like a fast paced tech-startup
while remaining driven to solve critical
social problems like a non-profit.

Complex Social Problems

At Vahan, we use technology to help
tackle socioeconomic inequality.

Top Industry Talent

We're proud to attract diverse and
experienced talent from all over.

Personalised Growth Plans

Vahan isn't a job, but a career - one we
help you plan out from your first day.

Alumni from top institutions
around the world


Meet the leadership
behind the business

Madhav Krishna

Founder & CEO

Rishi Srivastava

Operating Partner

Ketan Patil

Senior Director of Engineering

Rakesh Venkiteramanan

Senior Vice President of Business

Ishani Gupta

Director of Human Capital

Anuj Gupta

Head of Machine Learning

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