Refer Delivery Boys - Earn Super Income

Become a part of the Mitra Leader program and earn from Rs.25,000 to Rs.50,000 per month by helping others find jobs.

About the Mitra Leader program

What a Mitra Leader does:

  • Find job seekers in the community
  • Refer them to the Mitra platform
  • Earn money when job seekers get hired

Bringing opportunities to all

As a Mitra Leader, you will be in charge of bringing job opportunities to your community and beyond.


I feel proud to be associated with Mitra Leader. I have brought jobs and also freedom to hundreds of people in my community through this program!

Suresh Krishna, Mitra Leader

Earn money by doing good

As a Mitra Leader, you can earn up to Rs. 25,000 per month by bringing jobs to people who need them.

Easy referral through app

The Mitra Leader App makes the entire process smooth and easy. It also gives you full transparency into your earnings.

Work from home and earn

Mitra Leaders can work from home and be successful. Job seekers need to be referred through the Mitra Leader app.


We have received gigantic business opportunities as a Mitra Leader. Our revenue has increase by 3 times while working in this program!

Eshwari, Mitra Leader


The Mitra Leader app makes it easy for me to help people in my community get jobs. I don't have to leave my home to do this!

Aamna, Mitra Leader

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