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Vahan uses Artificial Intelligence to match job seekers with employers inside messaging apps

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How Mitra Works

Mitra is Vahan’s job seeker facing product.

  • Jobs Seekers text “Hi” to Mitra

    on their messaging app of choice.

  • They answer a few questions

    Take a short quiz, schedule a job interview.

  • They get a job in less than 24 hours

    Job seekers start earning money and employers get a new hire fast!


  • Faster recruitment, better value

    Find a new supply of quality candidates at scale and at a fraction of the cost.

  • Easy to use, intuitive dashboard

    Simple interface to get started with job campaigns and track key performance metrics.

  • Do it better with AI

    Leverage Vahan's Machine Learning algorithms to find the best candidates.

Case Study

Vahan is Dunzo's most scalable sourcing channel for Delivery Partners. Watch how we are helping them meet growth targets and reduce costs.


Gokul Rajaram Six-Sigma product guy who is populary known as the 'Godfather of AdSense @ Google'.
Sanjeev Agrawal Serial entrepreneur and former Head of Product Marketing @ Google.
Mekin Maheshwari People person in every sense and former Chief People Officer @ Flipkart.
Indus Khaitan Product guy, serial entrepreneur and Advisor @ Sequoia Capital.
Vir Kashyap Emerging market internet entrepreneur and co-founder @ Babajob.com.
Minal Mehta Product leader building for the next billion users @ Google.
Andre Baubigny Managing Partner @ Spike Ventures.
Kevin Sutantyo Managing Partner @ RMKB Ventures.

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